Office Storage Packing Materials

Remember, If it’s packed well, then it will travel & store well!

Moving your Office contents into Storage

Standard Plastic Crates (with or without Integral lids) In 3 Sizes

IT/Computer Plastic Crates (with or without Integral lids)

Security Tags (for standard or IT crates)

Document Archive Boxes, Small, Medium and Large

Anti Static bubble Bags for PC monitors

Colour Coded Labels for identification

Bubble Wrap for pictures, glass and other fragile items, & lots of other uses!

Paper Blankets – for the wrapping of high risk furniture

Cardboard & Plastic Covers Rolls, floor covers, & Pack Paper

PLUS – Pallets for loading your goods.

Our Office Storage Packing Materials

We provide a full range of strong quality Storage Packing Materials, & always use new extra strong boxes or heavy duty crates for each Move into Storage. Preparation of items to be moved is the first step towards successful Office Moving & Storage. Our excellent materials & our packaging prices are amongst the most competitive available in London, so please check & compare.

QUALITY MATERIALS – for successful Office contents Storage: You value your office contents so if you’re keeping them & storing them, then it’s worth ensuring they are packed carefully & efficiently, organised & protected before any Moving into Storage begins, & then easily off loaded correctly into a secure storage room & eventually into your new premises.

PREPARATION for an Office Move into Storage: Fast Forward provide our customers with a choice of options to help get packed & ready for safe & secure Office contents Moving Day. It is very important that everything is packed efficiently ready on time for the arrival of your Moving Team.


New Extra STRONG Quality Packing & Packaging materials

Customer Packing Office Contents for Storage

Many businesses like their staff to pack the office contents in readiness for Moving into Storage. Our range of materials & services are an economical & practical way to pack everything yourself. You will be using the quality packing materials & strong packaging that professional Removal companies use for every move.

  • Fast Forward deliver the Crates & Materials in advance of your move, to allow enough time to get ready.
  • You can collect additional materials yourself direct from our Storage centre, during our opening hours,

Please Remember: If you don’t want to pack it all yourself or need any help then our Storage Packing Teams are available to help you get prepared in advance for Moving Day, please contact us to arrange a free no obligation Quote visit to your Office at a convenient time, then we can provide a Packing Quote with assured prices.

office storage packing materials

For Filing Cabinets full of Documents, Records, & general Paperwork

Archive Storage Boxes with Lids: Extra Strong, Easy to use, delivered flat packed

Small – Medium or Large, designed for the safe Moving & Storage of Files & Folders

CRATES heavy duty & very strong – for Moves & Relocations into Storage

Standard Plastic Crates a secure versatile & easy to use lidded crate that can be sealed shut (mm) 600 x 415 x 330.
IT/PC Computer Crates designed to hold a complete computer workstation (mm) 590 x 550 x 600.
There are a range of different sizes & most crates are available with or without lids. Crates are hired to you on a weekly basis until you are finished with them, & then we do a final collection. Security Tags and Colour Coded Labels for safety & identification are also available. 

Strong Boxes & Cartons in a range of sizes

Large Boxes – For lighter bulkier items & Smaller Boxes for heavier items i.e. books, CDs, DVDs etc.
Rolls of Packing Tape for safely sealing each box securely when it’s packed.
Document Boxes – strong Archive boxes with lids & handles, for documents & records Small – Medium or Large

Covers & Blankets for protection in Storage

Plastic covers – Protection for Sofas, Settees & Chairs, & floor protection covers
Card board & Paper blankets for the wrapping of higher risk furniture
Anti Static bubble Bags for PC monitors & Colour Coded Labels for identification 

Bubble Wrap – for pictures, glass and other fragile items (sold by the metre & very versatile!)
Packing & Wrapping Paper – specialist paper for wrapping china glass & crockery etc
Picture frame covers – Pallets for loading goods; Wine bottle boxes; Removal Bags for light loose miscellaneous items (rolls of 10) & much more.

CRATES for Office MOVES and Relocations into Storage

Secure, Strong & very Efficient. We hire them to you on a weekly basis.

Get an Estimate for Office Storage Packing Materials

To get an Estimate of the costs for the materials you need, please send us some brief details of your requirements, we will then email you an Estimate for your approval.

Thank you for considering Fast Forward Storage - The Storage Solution for London.

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