We are starting a fresh, a new home, a new area, a new beginning! BUT what about all this stuff? Do you really want to move everything you have accumulated over the years to your new home?

We all love to collect ‘stuff’ and keep it ‘just in case’ or ‘that might come in handy’ or ‘I will wear that again one day’ when the truth is we rarely use or wear things if we haven’t touched or needed them in the past 12 months. Decluttering is a useful exercise, it carries a sense of satisfaction of helping others, getting rid of the old, making way for the new and an added bonus of making some extra cash.

We have put together a list of handy tips below, to help you on your journey to a new ‘Decluttered home and mind’.

Where do I start

We all ask ourselves the same question, however, a very important one. This can be a time consuming process, so we suggest you start with organising yourself and consider the following;

  • Do I have strong boxes of various sizes – please see our range (link to FFG)
  • Black bags – for the rubbish dump or recycling bins
  • Labels – so you know what is in each box/bag
  • Parcel tape – to secure the boxes so they are easy to move/stack
  • Newspaper/bubble wrap – to wrap fragile items
  • A shredder – for all that paper that includes personal information
  • Timeframe – set yourself time limits

Then ask yourself the following questions;

  • Do I need it?
  • Why have I kept it? Does it have a ‘sell by date’?
  • When was the last time I used/wore it?
  • It is sentimental?

Then provide yourself with a method – this could be 4 boxes/piles;

  1. Keep and use
  2. Keep and store
  3. Sell or Give away
  4. Rubbish bag for items that damaged or broken


Begin with a small room or area that doesn’t get constantly used – it would not be a good idea to empty out the kitchen cupboards on a Sunday when everyone is at home and a roast dinner is on the cards! Let’s make a start, there is no time like the present!

Creating the ‘Show home’ look

If you’re selling your house, then let’s put some effort into actually ‘selling’ it – perspective buyers want to see your house at its ‘full potential’, so creating a ‘show home’ is key. The outside of the house is the first thing they see and if the garden is ‘Steptoes yard’ they may not even look inside!

New buyers want to imagine themselves in your home and start positioning their furniture and belongings during that first viewing (link to FFG). Furniture needs to be in prime position and clutter is a serious No No. Your house needs to be screaming ‘BUY ME!’ not ‘HELP ME!’. Storage may be a perfect solution to keep your possessions and excess furniture in until your house is Sold and you move to your new home.

Get Shredding!

Now, we are not talking about your skin but paperwork! We tend to keep every bill, statement, receipt and letter that ever entered our four walls! Well the time has come to start shredding all old and unwanted pieces of paper with confidential details on it and recycling all the rest. Obviously some things need to be kept, so organising your paperwork/records into files or some sort of system will help you immensely when moving into your new home, let alone the environment!

Please note: There are specialised storage facilities that will look after those important documents too (link to FFG)

Your Junk is someone else’s treasure!

So you now have piles of unwanted items, what are you going to do with them? We have created a useful list below to help you out!

  • Have a Boot Sale – find out where your nearest Boot sale is in your area, this is a perfect way to sell your ‘junk’ and make a bit of extra cash
  • Sell items on line – www.ebay.co.uk gumtree.co.uk
  • Charity shops – you can take items to them or some will collect from your home
  • Recycling banks/rubbish dumps – you can take items to them or your moving company can take care of that for you (link to FFG)
  • Local council – will collect large items at a minimal cost
  • CD’s, DVD’s etc. musicmagpie.co.uk
  • Books webuybooks.co.uk


Start as you mean to go on!

Excellent! Your house is looking pristine, your belongings have been sorted through and you have successfully decluttered your home and mind (and have treated yourself with the extra cash!)

Now take a breath and give yourself a well-deserved ‘pat on the back’. It feels good doesn’t it?

If only you could bottle this feeling and keep it going! Well you can, just keep on top of your clutter and don’t forget, you can always put things in storage at an affordable price if you run out of space.

Remember to review your house and possessions regularly and replace old items with new ones rather than just keeping all of them! Encourage everyone in the house to be on board too, then you can all take advantage of the extra cash and the ‘Decluttered feeling’.

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